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31st Annual Genies - March 31st on the CBC 
12:50pm 08/02/2011
  If, like me, you've lost track of the awards and have NO clue which movies have been nominated (I don't really watch documentaries and shorts), check out the link below.


I've seen/have: Gunless, Crackie, A Shine of Rainbows, Defendor, High Life, Splice, The Wild Hunt, The Trotsky, Les Amours Imaginaires/Heartbeats and would really like to see Trigger and Barney's Version for various shallow reasons. :) And Incendies.

Anyone else?
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Gunless and The Trotsky 
12:05am 30/05/2010
mood: curious
Was glad I caught both of these films before they got pulled here in Ottawa.

Any cities in which they're still playing this weekend?
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Deepa Mehta 
01:59pm 10/11/2008
  Does Deepa Mehta have an official website?  I did a quick google search but couldn't come up with anything.

Alternatively, does anyone have any contact info for her?

Thanks in advance!
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Passchendaele Reviews from Across LJ 
11:16pm 24/10/2008
mood: Fast and Curious
If I might be allowed to post this link:


To get the ball rolling. See how many others you can find amongst your friendlists!
10:04am 25/10/2008
  Just want to say, this movie was great. Please don't miss out because it's still in the theatres. Support our local boys.  
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spare a minute to help an aspiring filmmaker? 
11:34pm 22/10/2008
  Hey guys,

I have entered 2 videos in the invent the future contest. Here: www.inventthefuture.ca

Could you do me a HUGE favour?

It will take you maximum of 2 minutes total!

1. Go to https://www.inventthefuture.ca/register.php
2. Register to Vote
3. Go to http://www.inventthefuture.ca/video54.php and vote for this video. (Grow Your Own Food!)
4. Go to http://www.inventthefuture.ca/video35.php and vote for this video. (Water Deferral System)

You vote by clicking the stars at the bottom of the page. Make sure you give us 5 stars!!! <3

The second video I asked you to vote for is in 4th place!! I'd LOVE to bump it up to first! If I get first I could win an iPod Touch.

Just remember, if you were in a contest, I would vote for you!

Also, just so everyone knows, invent the future will not spam you unless you sign up for the newsletter and you could win an iPod Nano by registering to vote. You would be helping me win some cool prizes as well!

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Al Gore. David Suzuki. You. 
01:17pm 13/09/2008
mood: ecstatic
It's time to start getting paid for your ideas!

B.C. Hydro and GIFTSfilms.com want to pay you $2,500 for your energy conservation idea!

It's easy!

Turn your idea into a 30-60 second video or written submission and enter it at www.inventthefuture.ca before October 31st!

Then get your friends and family online to vote for YOUR idea!

PLUS! Cash and other prizes will be awarded to runner's up and online voters!

Energy Conservation Solutions Don't Invent Themselves

Go now and submit your idea!
The Vancouver Queer Film Festival celebrates its 20th Anniversary 
12:57pm 13/08/2008
  The 20th Anniversary Vancouver Queer Film Festival opens tomorrow and runs August 14-24th!

Experience the unexpected at Vancouver’s second largest film festival, bringing film lovers and filmmakers together to celebrate the best of independent queer cinema. Flirt, chat and get a little wild at the hottest parties, galas and cinematic spectacles this side of the Pacific.

For more information check out our website: queerfilmfestival.ca

The Toronto Italian Film Festival is celebrating its tenth anniversary! 
04:41pm 28/05/2008

For ten years running, we have brought to Toronto's silver screens the latest in contemporary Italian cinema, placing the films, their makers and their stars in the Canadian spotlight. We are excited to present this year's dazzling new lineup of dramas, comedies, documentaries, and short films. And, as always, we are pleased to give our old and new festival goers a taste of la dolce vita at our sparkling opening and closing galas.

Please Join Us! For Our 10TH ANNUAL FESTIVAL from Wednesday JUNE 11TH TO Sunday June 15TH, 2008 AT TORONTO'S HISTORIC BLOOR CINEMA

Passchendale Critics: Missing the Point (Again?) 
09:07pm 16/01/2008
mood: irritated
Something that got pointed out to me today via the Due South Informer mailing list at the Halifax Chronicle-Herald.

Seems like a certain lobby group our current PM used to belong to is missing yet another point here, doesn't it? (Yes, I know that's a loaded question.)
Vancouver Asian Film Festival 
05:30pm 31/10/2007
  (sorry, x-posted)
If you happen to be in Vancouver, Canada, this weekend, the Vancouver Asian Film Festival starts tomorrow!

Thursday, Nov. 1st - Sunday, Nov. 4th
Tinseltown Theatres

Highlights of the four-day festival:
-Directors in attendance
-Two great panel discussions
-41 films by North American-Asian filmmakers
-Hosted by local acting talents


Tickets are now available from the VAFF website: http://www.vaff.org/festival

For a complete schedule, please visit the website.

Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon 2007 
12:00am 05/09/2007

[apologies for the x-posting]

Looking for something to do in Vancouver on Saturday?

Local Vancouver filmmakers had 10 days to put together a 10-minute film during the week of August 20th - 30th.

Wanna see the results?

Eight teams competed against each other for the chance at cash prizes totalling $5000 and on Saturday, the Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF) presents the screening of all eight films entered into the 3rd Annual Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon (MAMM) at Tinseltown.

Saturday, September 8th
Tinseltown Cinemas

Tickets are available from the VAFF website, or at the door.

For more information on MAMM in general, please click here.  

Passchendale Movie Blog Now Up! 
11:56am 25/08/2007
mood: pleased
Figured there'd be some interest in this:

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Sci-Fi "Reflections" Within the Water Lies Death...and Life 
07:01pm 14/08/2007
We are all made of water, it brings us life. It can also bring death. Every so often, someone dies in the ocean, rivers, lakes...and sometimes, they return. They appear to those who knew them, only for a short time, then disappear again. They do not speak, they observe. No one knows why they return, whether it is to feel, to see, to experience, to live again, or whether they just became a part of the greater living entity, the water itself. All we know is that these events have been occurring for a long time.

Created by: Timofey Yuriev
Camera: Laurie Melton, Donna Roses, Timofey Yuriev
Cast: Seaman - Tony Galligani, Timofey Yuriev
Wife of a seaman - Donna Roses
Running man - Konstantin Yuriev
Cops - Constantine Karmadonov and Denis Melnik
Voiceover: Donna Roses, Sherri Valenti, Timofey Yuriev, Tony Galligani
Special Effects, Editing, Sound: Timofey Yuriev
Locations: Fire Island, New York, USA; Ust-Ilimsk, Russia. Toronto, Canada.

©2007 DesignKarma Inc.
06:13pm 03/07/2007
Good time to all of you!
My name is Timofey and here is one of my first creations. It is about horror of giving birth to another website. Influenced mainly by Scrubs series and David Lynch work. Filmed in New York, finalized in Toronto.

Don’t judge me too hard, judge me with humor!

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Come Support a Local Vancouver Filmmaker! 
04:18pm 11/05/2007


To moderator(s):  feel free to delete if I'm breaking any rules - although I don't think I am.

Join ASSAULTED FISH & deaf stand-up comic STEPHEN O'KEEFE for this one-night-only event YOU won't want to miss!

Vancouver, BC - The Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF) presents a special evening of comedy featuring special LIVE performances by local pan-Asian sketch comedy favorites Assaulted Fish and special guest, comic Stephen O'Keefe, along with a special screening of filmmaker Barbara K. Lee's National Film Board documentary BETWEEN THE LAUGHTER, the inspiring and hilarious story of deaf stand-up comedian Stephen O'Keefe.

There will also be a special Q&A with Stephen & director Barbara Lee.

http://www.vaff.org/news for more information

Little Triffie: Two Nosy Questions 
05:54pm 09/04/2007
  1. Who's seen it so far?
  2. Who's planning to see it?
Still planning on counting myself in the latter column...

Update of Frustration - 14 April 2007: My plans have been rendered irrelevant by the theatre chains after one week. Silver City Gloucester's already pulled it, and Empire 7 at the World Exchange Plaza has pushed it to 930 PM showings. Not good for someone living in the 'burbs who takes the bus everywhere.
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Don McKellar to be Honored at 13th Annual CHLOTRUDIS AWARDS 
05:41pm 06/03/2007
  Canadian triple threat (actor/writer/director) Don McKellar will be present to accept a special award during the Chlotrudis Society's 13th Annual CHLOTRUDIS AWARDS on Sunday March 18 at the Brattle Theatre. Click here for the full press release.

And just confirmed today, noted character actress Tracy Wright (ME & YOU & EVERYONE WE KNOW, SLINGS AND ARROWS) will also be in attendance, to be honored for her career's work so far.

For more information about the ceremony and the films nominated for this year's CHLOTRUDIS AWARDS, check out our website.
Genie Awards, Anyone? 
11:22am 11/02/2007
mood: curious
Anyone here planning to watch them this year? Either live or time-shifted?

Update: Airdate's set for February 13th on the CHUM/CITY-TV chain of TV stations!
Playback Magazine article here.
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It's been a long time. 
08:46am 25/01/2007
  A few things:

Canada's Top Ten of 2006. Anyone have any thoughts on these films. I'm a big loser and haven't seen ANY of them. Haha, actually I saw the Trailer Park Boys Movie twice :P But I really wanted to see Away From Her, Manufacturing Landscapes and Monkey Warfare for obvious reasons!

Also, Vic Sarin's Partition is out Feb 2nd in theatres. I'm probably going to check that one out, regardless of the questionable cast.

ANNND! Congrats to Deepa Mehta's Oscar nomination for Water!!
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